5 Gum What's Next Social Campaign

Client:  Wrigley's Date:  February 2012 Type:   Campaign | Website | Brand |


Working with our favourite London partner agency Amplify - the client challenge was deliver a combined digital / experiential campaign for Wrigley's 5 Gum for 2012 to invigorate consumer interest in the launch of a new flavour – ‘Evolution’. Targeting a youth audience, the campaign includes an exciting array of events around the UK featuring some major and emerging artists and musicians over 2012.

While the focus of the campaign centred around 3 live experiential events where the consumer could get up close with an exciting array of major and emerging artists and musicians – the numbers at these events would always be limited by venue capacity. We had to create digital campaign and platform that maximised pre event build up and post event coverage and interaction to ensure exposure to as wide an audience as possible.

Our component of the campaign was about campaign activation and brand engagement online – we led the digital strategy and defined the approach, designed and built all destination sites (web, facebook and responsive tablet /mobile) as well as the creation of digital media campaign assets to drive traffic in conjunction with MediaCom.

The digital environment had to work hard ensuring the campaign drove interest and interaction far beyond the live event attendance. At the heart of what we proposed was a content strategy that evolved with the campaign.

The Wrigley’s ‘What’s Next?’ project comprises of two main outputs; a Facebook page that promotes upcoming events, shows artist profiles, provides podcasts, videos, images, and other media of artists from each of the events, as well as offering the chance to win tickets to the event through our bespoke Facebook competition module.

The second part of the project is a campaign website. Developed simultaneously with the Facebook page, the campaign site would serve as a post-event repository, displaying all content from each of the three ‘What’s Next’ events. Every video, audio file, image or interview taken from each of the artists across the three events will be found on the campaign site – generating ‘long tail’ exposure and ensuring the content created gains maximum reach over time.

This project was developed with the philosophy of Create Once, Publish Everywhere (COPE), meaning that we didn’t have to spend time creating different versions of the same image, video or text interview. All content was held on a central CMS that pushed to the Facebook page and the fully responsive campaign site.

To ensure that the campaign site was accessible on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, Delete employed responsive design. Building the website with responsive design in mind meant that we didn’t need to create a separate ‘mobile’ version of the website, instead the same desktop website scaled down to a variety of different screen sizes and resolutions. This ensured that whether users visited the campaign site using their BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, or any other smartphone or tablet, the experience remained the same.

‘What’s Next’ campaign launched in Early Feb 2012. So far the results have been fantastic. Facebook Fans have increased by over 11o,ooo in the first 4 weeks and the Facebook page has a weekly reach of 2.4 million. With the first event already a resounding success we are looking forward to the next ‘What’s Next?’ installment – don’t forget to get your 5 Gum packs and visit www.facebook.com/5GumUK  for tickets!