Chiquito Hot or Not

Client:  Chiquito Date:  2012 Type:   Campaign |



Chiquito needed a summer campaign to break down the preconception that all Mexican food was spicy and increase footfall in their restaurants . Above-the-line agency Linney conceived the idea of a series of "Hot or Not" of taste tests outside Chiquito restaurants across the UK with Delete engaged to activate the campaign online.

To create initial awareness we shot a viral video of Britain's longest mexican wave for the start of the campaign coinciding with summer solstice, the longest day of summer. From Leicester Square to Leeds we got the British public involved in mexican waving, tasting, and dining at Chiquito. This was seeded on social channels  and drove people to a campaign page on the Chiquito website explaining the taste tests and showing live participant results from across the UK.

In this first two months nearly 45,000 people took the Hot or Not taste test, 55% of whom preferred their mexican food hot, and 100% understanding that mexican food doesn't always have to be spicy.