Flexioffices - Driving SEO

Client:  Flexioffices Date:  November 2011



Flexioffices is an independent company that provides a complete and impartial overview of the UK serviced office market, and with a significant spend on annual Pay Per Click advertising, Flexioffices wanted to reduce costs where possible. 

Our challenge was to minimise PPC spend, whilst still ensuring that keeping traffic conversions and site revenue were kept high.

To do this we set out to increase non-branded organic traffic to the FlexiOffices website in an attempt to increase quality conversions and provide sound Return On Investment for the client.  

We were also tasked with improving indexation, and increasing search engine rankings, traffic and conversions, all while saving as much money as possible.


During the research phase of this project, we learned that users often specified a location as well as outlined their office space requirements. Most businesses within the office lettings sector purely optimise their websites around office types and make little or no reference to specific locations within their site content. 


To achieve our goals, we developed optimised landing pages for location-specific office spaces. Much better for SEO than a generic hub page, we also built and managed a database of all 108 primary locations in the UK, resulting in highly optimised dynamic pages for locations around the UK.

We initially carried out a high-level 6-month campaign, which was then extended due to great success with on-going optimisation for the site. 

We also carried out extensive link generation and added in unique content for specific locations including local area information to help boost the site search footprint.


Our decision to create highly-optimised landing pages for each of the 108 primary locations has been a huge success. We increased Flexioffices’ page 1 Google results by over 300% - within 6 months we took the website from 345 targeted keywords on Page 1 to 1,375. Traffic to Flexioffices.co.uk increased 150%, from 4,000 monthly visits to over 10,000. Conversions were also increased by 25%. In fact, the increase in both rankings, traffic, and conversions has forced Flexioffices to increase their sales team to cope with demand.

Our future plans for the site includes scheduled projects that will aim to increase rankings for high converting and volumetric keywords and also on-site conversion rate optimisation that will boost online enquiries from existing traffic.


Client Says

“Our enquires have really ramped up over the last few months- I guess in % probably about 25%- 30% which is doing wonders for business – from looking at analytics I can attribute this entirely to the SEO work you have been doing. We have had to grow the sales force and now need new offices - a very nice problem to have.” 
Paul Slinn - Managing Director for Flexioffices