The End Souvenir Booklet

Client:  The End Date:  January 2009 Type:   Print |


Prolific, monumental and iconic, The End nightclub is all these and more. Especially for most of us here at Delete, who have been faithful to the music, the people and the party since it first began. We were really proud to be asked by owner Layo Paskin to produce the final artwork for the club, as it closes it’s doors in January 2009. 

Briefed to come up with two printed promo items to mark The End’s final months, we were challenged to create something which could fully encapsulate this seminal moment in the club’s history.

Looking to the club itself for inspiration, Delete’s Art Director, Matt Barron, headed to the venue (where he had been many times before) to capture it's essence. Although The End already had a fantastic catalogue of crowd shots from over the years, he managed to persuade them to let him shoot the club when it was completely empty!

Capturing key spaces, from it’s famous stairs to it’s awesome soundsystem, we wanted to create a series of shots that would be instantly recognisable to regular clubgoers, but show them in a way they had never seen before: still, quiet and empty.

The results are a visually arresting series of images which act as a testament to the club itself and the literally thousands of clubgoers who have entered it's doors throughout the years.

This place will be sorely missed by us all.


Client Says

“When we approached Delete to put together the look of our closing campaign, they got it (as on many other occasions) ... not just what we had imagined but more and with all the feeling of silence, space and memories that we wanted captured. All who see it take a moment to reflect on the photos and design.” 
Layo Paskin - The End