The O2 Guardianship + Brand Room Portal

Client:  o2 Date:  June 2007 Type:   Website |


Agency The Hub +, working on behalf of Lambie Nairn, came to us to develop a more streamlined process to their system for managing the approval of work for O2.

Our solution provided the brand guardians complete control, enabling them to keep track of progress across all projects and sign off creative at various levels for European and Asian markets. 

Allowing Lambie Nairn a higher degree of control over the brand O2, the platform we established is a self-contained, straightforward and most importantly, visible record of communication. This saves time and cost compared with the previous offline and email based system the brand guardians had in place.

Revolutionising O2’s intranet they were extremely happy with the work, and in turn commissioned us to create a portal to all O2 back office sites and business applications.