The Best Burger in Town

Posted  23 Nov 2011

Chilli Dogs, Philly Cheese Steaks, Mac 'n Cheese and the infamous Dead Hippy Burger - just a few of the awesome bites on offer at London Pop-up restaurant Meat Liqour. 

If you love a good US style Burger and cocktail then this place is well worth the hour queue outside in the cold. Situated just behind Debenhams on Oxford Street, Meat Liquor is the creation of Meat Wagon's Scott Collins who certainly knows how to create a buzz. Once you've tasted a burger you'll realise why.

If you plan on going be sure to order the onion rings, even if it's just to amaze yourself at the size of the things.

Get stuck in. Find out more

MOBO Awards Nominations Party

Posted  2 Sep 2011

This Wednesday saw the MOBO Awards Nominations announced at the annual launch party event. We were invited along to join in the celebrations and get a sneak peek of our artwork on display.

The event was held at the newly restored St. Pancreas Hotel which proved a big hit with the attendees. The evening begun with a bag pipe performance, a nod to the host city of this year’s main event - Glasgow. N-Dubz's Dappy and Fazer made an appearance along with Tinchy Stryder and Tom’s favourite, Lauren from TOWIE. We schmoozed with the stars… well ambushed them for photographs, nibbled on some Caribbean grub and had a great evening playing spot the reality TV star.

A slice of Rock n' Roll History

Posted  28 Jun 2010

A couple of Delete's good friends (Bertie & Simon) pointed out  today that our door step had a place in rock n'roll history.

Our new home features on the cover of 'David Bowie - The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars' - nice.

Obviously we are out to make as big an impact on popular culture as Mr. Stardust - so moving in to his neighbourhood should certainly help.

Be sure to drop in and see us at 'ground control'.

Major Tom

Vegetarians look away

Posted  28 May 2010

If you're all about style over substance then this won't be for you, but if like us - you like to get down and dirty occasionally then we thoroughly recommend visiting this little East London gem located just off of Kingsland Road in Dalston. Mangal Okabassi does meat and does it well. It won't cost you much and you can bring your own beer. Perfect.  Timeout recently gave it a 5 star rating too. Go and get stuck in.

As you can see from the gallery above all that remained at the end of the night were plates of bones and a big bowl of uneaten salad.

New Delete T-Shirt Store

Posted  28 Apr 2010

Here at Delete we define the first official day of summer as the first day over 20 degrees (that and when Tom dons his flip flops for the first time).

So in celebration of the approaching 'warmer' months and that we've all just survived the coldest winter in a long time - we are launching our new T-Shirt Store.  

Whether it's for the festival circuit, the luau you have planned, or just hanging about down the park, a Delete T-shirt makes the ideal cladding for the top 'arf.  Nice

Check out the new T-Shirt store for the latest Delete T-Shirts and keep your eyes peeled as we plan to release new designs through the summer.

Delete T-Shirt Store


Delete Cultural Exchange - Sweden

Posted  14 Apr 2010

It's amazing to see so many different cultures. At Delete we have English, Swedish, Kiwi, Russian, Lithuanian, Australian, and French (me). I recently started to think it would be a good idea to do some travelling, an exchange of culture if you will. I was glad to be invited by Julius, our Designer/Developer (or "Creative Developer" as his business card states), to celebrate Easter in Sweden.

We spent four days in Gothenburg, located on the Swedish west coast, and my first impressions when I arrived was "My god, it's so clean everywhere!", followed by "It's so quiet" and how it's such a beautiful town. The streets are wide and the main architectural style is modern. I really enjoyed the industrial harbour with huge boats in rough contrast to the sleek modernistic design of the Opera.

I wanted to know more about the creative scene and discovered great agencies like North Kingdom, B-Reel, Perfect Fools as well as the Gothenburg-based ones like Kokokaka and Forsman & Bodenfors, one of Sweden's most renowned advertising agencies.

Music? They have some interesting stuff bubbling there, among them the city is internationally known as the centre of the melodic death metal movement churning out bands like Arch Enemy and In Flames.. hurr! Wear your darker jacket and let that hair grow please. My favourite? Ace of Base!

The next journey will be France, you know the proud people speaking loud and wielding baguettes when they are upset - that's the idea Swedes have of us anyway!

Merci beaucoup,
a bientot.

A Party in the Sky

Posted  9 Mar 2010

It's not often you get the chance to see London from above so when the guys over at Red Bull Music Academy told us they were teaming up with one of London's most renowned club promoter's 'Secret Sundaze' we were first to get our names on the list for this exclusive one off event at Paramount bar (The top of Centre Point). 

The weather couldn't have been any better on the day itself - glorious sunshine beaming in through the panoramic window view - illuminating the dancefloor with a summer like glow. When the sun set over the city - you couldn't help yourself getting carried away with a classic Ibizaesque cheer, despite that fact it was about two degrees outside. 

It was a fantastic day / night and it certainly proved that our friends over at Red Bull have succeeded in whipping up a great buzz around the Music Academy this year, so a big well done to them. 

You can check out the remaining events and past reviews on the official academy site



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