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Posted 11 Nov 2008

It’s a bit like the old one, only with bigger pictures, a better blog and even a fancy showreel - just like on the telly! Seriously though, we are extremely proud of our new website and hope it says a little more about us and the great work the team here create.

If you've got this far you are reading our improved Culture blog. It's our chance to share our thoughts on all things Delete with the world and for you to get some insights in to the digital geniuses that invent and build all you see. Be sure to drop in for regular news and updates and if you want to share your thoughts with us on anything that catches your eye, please comment away.

Remember you are only as good as your last post.

P.S. If you miss our old site it's still available to view – just click the V.2 link in the footer.

Jay Kilian

2008-11-26 04:36:31

Hey Lads,

Just had a look at the new website ....Bloody Awesome ....great job ..... Loved the show reel ....

Hi to everyone from me in Thailand. Chat soon


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