Mutate or Die.

Posted 8 Dec 2008

Teapots with dinosaur legs, plane wreckages and a Charles Saatchi waxwork heralding the end of the world - 'The End is nigh, Mutate or die'. All of these works appear in 'MuTate Britain', an exhibition over 4 levels @ Behind the Shutters on Curtain Road.

A few of us here at Delete have headed down to check it out.

Joe Rush has produced a wealth of work - think robot wars on acid meets Mad Max, his twisted creations are made from recovered machine components and have already been bought up by the likes of Damien Hirst and Miquita Oliver - so if you have a spare ten thousand in the your back pocket - get down there to make a deal.

Although the mangled metal creations were the stars of the show – personal favourites included artist INSA’s sexy legs and ass graffiti piece and the artworks which adorned the stairwells between each of the floors. However, my viewing pleasure was somewhat disrupted by the drunken man who came tumbling down them.

With performance art and live screen-printing there is lots of interactive bits and bobs going on - but if that's not your scene, it's easy enough to just take in the art on offer without being hassled – unless you count the drunk that is.

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