Future of CSS

Posted 9 Mar 2010

Even though some people might argue that CSS3 is quite a bit off, it's still amusing to  dream a little about what's going to be possible in the near future. CSS3 and HTML5 are basically the new versions of what makes the foundation of the web. They are both still in a 'draft' state, meaning that they will probably end up quite different to how they look today - once the W3C are done with them.

There's a lot of cool examples out there, like this animated Starwars AT-AT Walker robot built entirely in CSS3 by Anthony Calzadilla (you need a webkit browser like Safari or Chrome to view it).

The most recent and mind-boggling, however, comes from Róman Cortés who made a spinning Coca-Cola can without the aid of any Flash or Javascript. What's more: This technique doesn't even use the new CSS3, so one can only imagine what's going to be possible when the time comes.

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