French Culture - Superdome

Posted 14 Jul 2008

Having burned the midnight oil, set an early alarm, jumped on the ever efficient Euro Star and delivered a winning pitch (hopefully) our boys headed towards the River Seine to take in an exhibition at what you could call Paris's version of the Tate Modern with rougher edges.

Showing was Superdome, a exhibition comprised of five installations, balancing between entertainment and desolation, decibels and prayers, high-tech and chaos.

Featuring 20,000 tones of rubbish with elaborate tunnels, a high powered air pressured gun firing empty glass bottles randomly at 600km/h against a wall, and our favourite 'Last Manouvers' - composed of an army of 300 Darth Vadar helmets, in a military formation reminiscent of the army of Xian.

Each of these helmets were equipped with a powerful microprocessor linked to the other helmets and a central computer which participates as a system of artificial intelligence inspired by biological processes (apparently). Thumping through the speakers are composed pieces of music ranging from techno hardcore to the requiem of Faur which forms to create the Song Of Darkness. Bloody amazing.

In short a very interesting show. Delete recommends.

Running until the 24th August. Info:




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