Delete Go Ape!

Posted 18 Sep 2007

The Gorillas have moved into Delete offices... they have set up camp, taken over new business and creative pursuits.

That's right Our Creative Director, Damon and Business Development Director, Marcus are hitting the streets of London in gorilla suits to raise money for the conservation of the last 700 mountain Gorillas on the planet.

They will battle 7km of tough inner city terrain with a thousand other gorillas... avoiding parking wardens, taxis and tourists along they way... perhaps distracted by the occasional fruit stand or watering hole.

But they need your support to complete this arduous mission...

Please visit our Team Delete Justgiving website and donate your entire years salary or your company's profits to this good cause ... Donate Here

And if you are not doing anything on the Saturday 22nd September come and watch the monkey business - The Great Gorilla Run

Thanks in Advance,

The Delete Silver-backs




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