Fondagate Closed

Posted 3 Aug 2009


The Resolution will not be televised....but it will be digitised.

Like any good story, our Fondagate saga has come to an end... but it's a happy one.

As we suspected, both Jane and her Head of Digital Affairs were pretty surprised and shocked that their designer had taken our code and creative for the basis of their site -

But it was easy for us to come to the amicable agreement provided they remove some of the offending IP from their site and credit Delete's influence in the site's footer - with these boxes ticked we were happy not to seek financial compensation, especially considering all the proceeds from the site go to GCAPP, Jane's own charity.

So I'm afraid that's all folks - if you are lucky you can tune in next week for Delete v's Peter Stringfellow ;) 



2009-08-04 00:43:09

When I first read the first story I looked at her site and noticed the credit in the footer. She really did the right thing one she was made aware of the issues.


Eddie Diaz

2009-08-21 16:28:24

I commend you guys on a job well done. You handled this the correct way. Awesome site by the way.

2009-08-27 11:22:17

This Story was an absolut piss take that designer should hang up his gloves and join a cow boy gang.
I take alot of inspiration of Delete but this was a full on piss take all though it did make me laugh at the shear cheekyness glad its all sorted though when will we see deltes very own star on hollywood boulevard???

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