Discovering Dieter Rams

Posted 17 Feb 2010

Perhaps you have not heard the name Dieter Rams before. You will however undoubtedly have heard of Braun and probably seen most of the German product designer' creations. He is hailed by many as one of the most influential product designers of the late 20th century and this is what sparked me to shoot across the river to the Design Museum on South bank to explore.

I think what attracts me to Dieter Rams' designs is the notion of clutter-free-ness. If something doesn't need to be there, it isn't.

Or in Dieter's own words — "Less, but better".

I found myself staring at electric razors for an hour, smiling widely as I recognized two models that I used to play with as a little boy and pretend they were spaceships. Much of Rams' work have become timeless classics and helped define the concept of "good design", so I suggest you go and check out the exhibition at the Design Museum to see it all for yourself! It's open until 9th of March.

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