Delete at the Brits 2010

Posted 17 Feb 2010

The Music industry's all about who you know, right? Well luckily we've got some friends in the right places - so were very excited to attend this year's Brit awards. Not bad for your first one to be the big 30th anniversary show.

On the whole the night was well attended by all the usual suspects plus some star appearances from the likes of Jay Z and Gaga. It was a cracking night - great table, 4 course meal, container of free booze. Everything the Brits should be. Couldn't quite imagine the sober American equivalent being half as much fun. Plus we had the token foul mouthed appearance of Liam Gallagher just to remind everyone it's not all about  X factor pop these days - there's still a bit of rock n roll floating around the mainstream somewhere.

Thanks Claire. We owe you one.

Victoria Lloyd

2010-02-23 14:37:48

Claire sounds cool.

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