Late on the Beer

Posted 5 Dec 2008

At the spritely age of 26 I should have been raving with the rest of them - sans American Apparel headband and shiny leggings of course -but going to see Late of the Pier at Heaven last Friday made me feel more than a little long in the tooth, with the combined age of the crowd and band struggling to reach legal drinking age.

However, a few beers later and I had rediscovered my inner youth - the band were amazing live and clearly having the time of their life onstage. The keyboard players’ shapes and moves were straight out of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and the bassist, in the nicest possible way, was like an identikit for a Muppet.

Looks aside, they were really tight onstage and blasted through the entire album, 'Fantasy Black Channel' to a buzzing crowd.  I would go and see them again in a heartbeat - but maybe rummage through my dressing up box beforehand to ensure fitting in.

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