Client Project - Turning London On

Posted 25 Sep 2008

Camden Town Unlimited (CTU) is launching a new marketing campaign that highlights the increasingly prominent role that the district plays in the Capital's creative, leisure, cultural and tourism scene.

Working with the wonderful Bertie Miller and Dave Waters from Watermill, who have developed a bold and striking campaign to brand CTU as London's On button, Delete have developed a website to support the boldness of the campaign and give visitors a deeper insight into the wealth of exciting and vibrant experiences to be had in Camden.

The site animates to life as neon lights traces the Camden Cityscape, reinforcing the notion that Camden Town is the heart of a new London. The calendar and map functions allows visitors to explore venues, shops, bars, restaurants and events to get a snap shot of what's happening in Camden at any moment. This platform allows Camden Town to take ownership of the online experience of local and international visitors alike.

Rumour has it they have even painted the famous bridge on the High Street.




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