Saving Francis's Bacon

Posted 10 Nov 2008

Crucifixion, raw meat, death and violence. Not Saw IV, Francis Bacon’s new retrospective at Tate Britain.

If you are willing to elbow a couple of art lovers in the ribs and push through the teams of toddlers armed with crayons it’s most definitely worth a visit. A few of us here at Delete have headed down to the river to check it out over the past month. The first major retrospective of Bacon’s work, the exhibition moves through his painting chronologically - from screaming popes to snarling dogs, wrestling animals to twisted faces, it’s an amazing body of Bacon’s most striking work and a series of some incredibly arresting images.

We recommend a late night Friday visit to get the best of the exhibition - it’s much less busy and you can also hopefully avoid a Saturday morning hangover in the process.

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