New Project Ministry Of Sound Vodka

Posted 11 Apr 2008

Ministry of Sound is adding to the white spirit market with a new vodka launch in April, taking one bold step for premium vodka and one giant leap away from the tired connotations of Eastern Europe and gimmicky flavours. Delete have been engaged to develop a Website and Online PR and Seeding campaign which turns the table on the traditional approach seen too often from new Vodkas entering the competitive marketplace.

In response we have developed a website which breaks convention with most websites and shied away from the usual, smooth flash sites associated with other vodka brands. All the main content anchors to the right hand side of the page and transitions are built in a high impact and jolty style. The sites houses a blog and encourages users to get involved by contributing content. The MoS are also looking for Brand Advocates to contribute on an ongoing basis and will be offering a number of giveaways.

Make mine a double please.




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