Chocolate Heaven

Posted 26 Jan 2007

January - the month of resolutions, revolutions and staying away from the bar. Obstinacy intact a special mention to Damon for giving up drinking and smoking, James for promising neither and Marcus for not eating for 5 days (celebrity detox my ar%*). We are certainly glad February fast approaches.

With this foolishness nearly over what a perfect time to be engaged by Kinder Bueno. With it's two fingers of milk chocolate heaven, divided into four separate segments (no not for sharing). With it's crispy wafer and hazelnut flavoured creamy filling this really is chocolate supreme that gets our creative taste buds going.

We look forward to joining forces with our friends at Nitro, testing the product (marketing speak for scoffing chocolate) and launching sometime in March.

Delete say - Go on, melt in your fingers, not in your mouth




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