The end of The End

Posted 4 Jan 2009

This is some of the artwork we were asked to produce for The End's final booklet before they close their doors in Jan 2009 - very proud we are to mark the occasion too.

I still remember the first night I had at The End - most of it anyway. After having only been in the country a few days (i.e still getting totally lost when coming out of a different exit at Tottenham Court Road Station) I was invited down to a Drum and Bass night put on by No U-Turn records. It was 1997 and The End had been open for just over a year. The excitement and anticipation of the night to come - down the stairs, through the metal doors, looking down the steps straight onto the dance floor with the DJ in the middle, surrounded by dancing clubbers - is something that I still get today when going to a night out there. The End has always been about the music, the people and the party. It's a very intimate atmosphere, full of smiles and clubbers there to have a good time. I have never experienced any moodiness inside the club in all the years I have been going there, regardless of the genre of music on the night. From the moment the club opened it’s famous metal doors and the hoards began taking their trip down the stairs to the club below, Delete has been involved in designing literally hundreds of pieces of artwork for DJ's and nights such as Laurent Garnier, Steve Lawler, Jeff Mills, Danny Howells, Ram Records, DJ Marky, Chew the Fat, the list goes on, we even built and designed their website in 2005 -

The London club scene will feel just that little bit emptier when The End finally closes it's doors in January 2009, but there's some killer nights to be had before then. Checkout for details.

I’m sure it will live long in the memories of all the people that have partied there over the years.

Long live The End

The Delete Faithful.

Tommy Tickletoe

2009-02-18 16:53:40

it certainly makes my buttcheeks quail

Pauline Miles

2009-03-18 06:20:22

I wish to delete the 'Today' Window that comes up with Messenger

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