Posted 11 Mar 2009

Following on from Saatchi’s ‘New Chinese Art’ exhibition, the aptly titled, ‘Unveiled: New Art from The Middle East’ features artists from Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria.

Starting in the downstairs section of the gallery, I was lucky enough to catch the tail-end of the previous exhibition with ‘Old Persons Home’ - a room full of dictators reduced to motorised, dribbling OAP’s drifting aimlessly back and forth in their wheelchairs with liver spots, deep veined hands and drool.  These life-like crippled models could have been straight out of a Kubrick film - causing one very confused little girl to burst into impromptu tears whilst clinging with horror to her Fathers leg.

The highlights from the ‘Unveiled’ exhibition included ‘Ghost’ by Kader Attia – a room full of bowed silver figures of Arab women praying. Beautifully crafted out of tin foil, you walk through the gallery to discover the bowed figures are faceless – a cavernous black hole replacing any individual identity. On a similar note, another room featured photographs of veiled women with everything from irons, to rubber gloves masking their faces – as the viewer, you get the message pretty loud and clear.

The sculpture and photography work in the exhibition far outshone the painting, however, it is definitely well worth a visit and takes you to an entirely different world, miles away from the surroundings of the Kings Road itself.


2009-03-11 12:26:48

This is slightly creepy (the third photo) yet amazing.

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