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Posted 14 Apr 2010

It's amazing to see so many different cultures. At Delete we have English, Swedish, Kiwi, Russian, Lithuanian, Australian, and French (me). I recently started to think it would be a good idea to do some travelling, an exchange of culture if you will. I was glad to be invited by Julius, our Designer/Developer (or "Creative Developer" as his business card states), to celebrate Easter in Sweden.

We spent four days in Gothenburg, located on the Swedish west coast, and my first impressions when I arrived was "My god, it's so clean everywhere!", followed by "It's so quiet" and how it's such a beautiful town. The streets are wide and the main architectural style is modern. I really enjoyed the industrial harbour with huge boats in rough contrast to the sleek modernistic design of the Opera.

I wanted to know more about the creative scene and discovered great agencies like North Kingdom, B-Reel, Perfect Fools as well as the Gothenburg-based ones like Kokokaka and Forsman & Bodenfors, one of Sweden's most renowned advertising agencies.

Music? They have some interesting stuff bubbling there, among them the city is internationally known as the centre of the melodic death metal movement churning out bands like Arch Enemy and In Flames.. hurr! Wear your darker jacket and let that hair grow please. My favourite? Ace of Base!

The next journey will be France, you know the proud people speaking loud and wielding baguettes when they are upset - that's the idea Swedes have of us anyway!

Merci beaucoup,
a bientot.

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